Tierney Wealth sets itself apart as a trusted family partner to achieve financial objectives and ensure a legacy for future generations.


We’re known for our bespoke, best-interest approach and the care with which we manage our clients’ positions and portfolios. Our intentionality has made us a trusted guide for implementing time-tested wealth  management strategies for some of the country’s wealthiest families.


Because we operate under a fiduciary standard, we’re able to offer open-architecture investment solutions as part of your overall financial strategy. What’s more, our hands-on approach means we can advise on any adjustments in real time as your goals and needs evolve.

We hand-craft investment portfolios customized to each client, incorporating both strategic asset allocation and tactical shifts. By building a collection of assets across different classes, we help you optimize returns while mitigating risk. Once built, we continually monitor and adjust it to help you meet your ongoing needs.

We start by taking inventory of your assets and setting your goals and objectives. As we meticulously build your plan, we’ll discuss where your wealth is today and where you need it to be tomorrow, weighing market trends and expectations as we carve the path from present to future. Once your plan is delivered, we continuously monitor it for exposure and performance.

The wealth you build today will be passed onto younger generations. We serve those generations in two ways: by creating well-balanced plans that help maximize future returns, and importantly, by educating your heirs in the management and optimization of their inheritance.

Your customized investment plans include access to professional-grade investment solutions to help optimize your returns.



Create tax-efficient wealth transfer through independent insurance solutions.


Consider both the family’s tactical needs and the dynamics that so often accompany the transfer of generational wealth.

Wealth Planning

Preserve assets for the current generation while ensuring a legacy for their beneficiaries.


Tailor investment objectives using private credit, equity, and real estate; direct lending; qualified opportunity zones; and others.

(For accredited investors only.)